Thursday, 28 February 2013


Along with many other towns across the UK Chorley put in a bid to get investment from the government and the expertise of the Queen of Retail Mary Portas in order to improve and regenerate the town centre.
   View down Chorley High Street

Whilst Chorley is actually quite a thriving town, there are still many empty and boarded up shops which with investment could vastly improve the look of the town and the high street and provide welcome additional services for the community.

    One of the many thriving fruit & veg stalls on Chorley Market

We were asked to produce a video which must not to look to 'professional' (rather difficult for us....!!!) but one which showed not only the empty shops and deprived areas that need investment but also got comments and suggestions from people on the street as to what they would like to see in the town. They also wanted to demonstrate the spirit and successes of the town as there are actually lots of new shops and of course the ever thriving market 

Sadly they were not successful in attracting the investment but the video was well received by the bid team.


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