Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Thought it might be nice to introduce my niece (in law) to you - The Miss Polly Rae - a talented singer and extraordinarily beautiful burlesque dancer.

Just having returned from a five week tour of Australia, Polly has had her own show in the West End as well performing in many other exotic countries around the world. The show is different from most burlesque shows that it is done a little tongue in cheek and while it is both erotic and beautiful - it is also inoffensive and funny - which has the effect of attracting a lot of women and girls to the show.

Her d├ębut West End Show was produced by Kylie's creative director William Baker and Kylie came to meet her in her dressing room after the show - she said she loved it!

I'm still waiting for her to ask me to make a video for her...!

You can see lots of beautiful images of here at

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