Thursday, 6 February 2014


Technology moves at a frightening rate sometimes and professional video equipment is no stranger to constant (and sometimes expensive) change.

Take the GoPro camera. This tiny, relatively inexpensive camera has revolutionised the way that people can capture the world around them - particularly in the world of action and extreme sports. It can be fixed to racing cars, motor bikes, parachute jumpers, skateboarders - there is no limit to where you can attach one of these little miracles. Just check out Felix Baungartner's incredible freefall jump to earth recorded in wonderful high definition.

Some of the larger and more traditional professional video camera systems have also changed quite dramatically - not only how they work, but how they look. On many commercial shoots you are very likely to see something like this rather than the traditional film camera!

We try to keep up with the latest technology (when the costs don't bankrupt us) and certainly when there is a tangible benefit to our clients. The great thing about most of the changes that have taken place over the last 10 years is that high quality video images are now attainable at a much lower cost which is great news for everyone who producers or needs to  get the benefits of modern video.

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