Wednesday, 5 February 2014


A few weeks ago we were asked to produce a Training video for the National Driving Offenders Retraining Scheme (NDORS) - the company who create and run training courses on behalf of Lancashire Constabulary. If you're naughty and commit a driving offence, you may be given the option to go on a driving course instead of paying a fine and having points on your licence.

One of their courses is called the National Driving4Change Course, and the purpose of this video this video was to help train the Senior Trainers (known as 'accessors') who have the job of accessing the standards of the Trainers who deliver these courses all over the UK.

This training video involved having cameras inside a vehicle for the duration of the course capturing high quality audio and video of both the driver and the 'offender' being trained. (For the purpose of the video the offender was in fact a senior trainer in disguise!)

So having previously produced videos for both Driving Schools and the training of Driving Instructors, vision4video people should now be much better drivers.......!!

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